Thursday, May 16, 2013

Graduation time

Clinics completed!  Tomorrow is the big graduation day!  Errrrybody get excited!

Tomorrow morning we have a graduation rehearsal and then a pancake breakfast.  Then the afternoon is graduation time!  K-State is interesting in that the Graduate school and Undergrads all have their ceremonies in Bramlage Coliseum on Friday and Saturday respectively.  But the College of Veterinary Medicine has their own ceremony in McCain Auditorium, with reserved seating for family and friends.

No ideas on what we'll do Saturday.  The zoo?  Sure.
Here's a fun meme to end this post, because I'm not feeling all that creative this evening.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Every new beginning starts with an end

Last week of clinics!!  Very exciting!  And instead of studying for my radiology final, I'm going to start my new blog off with a bang.  Having always been an animal lover, choosing a career in the field of veterinary medicine was easy.

"I like puppies, I like kitties, I wanna be a vet!"  Easy peasy.

However, accomplishing this dream was much more difficult in multiple ways - academically, financially, emotionally, socially.... Seriously, no one finds my abscess stories entertaining except for my veterinary friends.  But alas, years later I am on the cusp of graduation (10 more days) and it seems like yesterday that I decided to be a pre-veterinary student in undergrad.  I'm nearly finished :)  This year Kansas State University is celebrating it's 150th year, so there will be some extra high-fives to be handed out at graduation.  This is no big deal to me - I am much too enthusiastic to have accomplished so much and to be at the end of this long journey.  I'm doing my best to enjoy the last week of clinics, then it's on to graduation.