Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer is here!

It's about time for an update:  Graduation has come and gone.  Things went so well.  I was lucky to have both my parents, my sister and her husband all attend my graduation as well as enjoy the weekend.  At the last minute I opted for some serious high heels to walk across the stage - I took it slow and there were no slips or trips.  We had a great time as a family enjoying Manhattan restaurants, as well as did the winery in Wamego, saw the KSU Insect Zoo and lots of other fun things.  I was more than tired once Sunday morning came and everyone had gone.  Highlights below:


Now it's back to a semi-regular routine.  I am monitoring and treating the pigs on a PRRSV study for my advisor this summer.  It's a daily check of everyone and then treat/monitor those that need a little extra help.  I'm thankful for the activity, plus it's my first real job as an adult veterinarian.  I have two other vets that help out and oversee things, but I still do the day to day activities.  Also on the agenda, reading a ton to learn everything there is about African Swine Fever.  Quite a daunting task, especially since I've had to review all my virology knowledge.  We didn't use that kind of material on a daily basis in 4th year, so it's been two years since we even discusses virology topics.  Luckily the studying is going well in addition to monitoring the pigs.

The next big task is organizing things, getting rid of things that I don't need, and packing.  I'm selling most of my furniture on Craigslist.  My parents are taking my bed, and my sister wants my bookshelf.  I decided to keep my dressers though - they're moderately nice and I wouldn't get enough money for them even if I tried to sell them.

Anyways, so I have the pigs and reading to keep me busy, as well as cleaning/packing.  Vacations are interspersed during the summer as well.  Lots to look forward too!!!

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