Saturday, July 20, 2013

Missouri canoe trip

Last weekend I had a ridiculously great time with a group of ladies on a canoe/float trip.  Three of my friends from my running group in Wichita were part of the trip but I knew no one else.  It was a blast to let loose with these gals.

We stayed at "Dawt Mill" which was a small resort with multiple cabins.  I'm used to always camping when canoeing so it was nice to have a warm shower and bed after a day on the water.  They had a restaurant (that had so-so food) and bar as well.


Halfway through the float trip we stopped at a riverbank that was near a road.  A short jaunt away there was a beautiful waterfall that we all took pictures in front of.  It was so cold though!  The temperature of the waterfall was significantly colder than that of the river.  Regardless, it was a gorgeous spot.

The only bad part of the trip happened after the waterfall.  As we were walking back down the gravel road to the boats, a guy came running by really fast.  He almost sideswiped me, but he came up behind me and threw me off balance.  I slid down the side of the gravel road and got a bad gash on my elbow and knee, as well as completely skinned my left hip.  I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt.  But once we got back on the water and I had a beer in my hand, my mood improved quite a bit.  I cleaned up my leg back at the cabin and pulled out all the little pieces of rock from my wound.  Once week later, my leg and elbow are still healing, but the wounds are doing well.

Other than my gravel injury, it was an absolute blast!  On the drive back home, everyone stopped at a tourist trap just outside of Branson where they had a zip-line you could do.  I was much too chicken to give it a try, but everyone else (except 3 of us) went for it.  It sounded like a blast but I was happy to lounge in the shade on the deck ;)

This coming weekend, I'm headed to Vancouver with my parents and John and Laura.  We're going to visit a special tea room that Mom has always wanted to visit as well as enjoy some of the other tourist things in the area.  Should be a blast!!

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