Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anyone out there?

Hey hey hey hey - do you read this blog?  Someone is reading it.  I need some feedback.  Right now my feedback consists of the following:

Two people visited your blog today.  It could have been a family member or friend.
It could have been a pedophile in Rio or an internet troll in Belarus.  Who knows....

If you read my blog and you don't like my stories, then you can go ahead keep on being silent.  No worries.  I won't be sad.

If you like the blog or enjoy my ridiculous photos - please comment!  Say hello!  Send me a virtual high-five!  Otherwise I'll just keep sounding off to the internet abyss and wondering who is reading this...

Meanwhile, enjoy the Australia Swine / Australias Wine stores!


  1. I'm reading it....and love it! thanks, Alyce

  2. I'm reading it and am reminded how much I used to love exploring new places. Please keep sharing.

  3. What, a 10 day visit with your Dad -- wow! How fun will that be. Will you go to the beach? It sounds like there is so much to do. It will be fun to read about your adventures!